Form Research

These are the most important, though certainly not the only books, that shaped the way I thought about the tone, the pace, and the style of both the memoir text and the performance.

  • Float - Anne Carson

  • The Lover - Marguerite Duras

    Duras, Marguerite. The Lover. New York: Pantheon, 1985. Print
  • Homo Faber - Max Frisch

    Frisch, Max. Homo Faber: Ein Bericht. Frankfurt A.M.: Suhrkamp, 1957. Print.
  • The Vertical Interrogation of Strangers - Bhanu Kapil

    Kapil, Bhanu. The Vertical Interrogation of Strangers. Berkeley: Kelsey Street, 2001.
  • Humanimal - Bhanu Kapil

    Rider, Bhanu Kapil. Humanimal: A Project for Future Children. Berkeley, CA: Kelsey Street, 2009. Print.
  • Schizophrene - Bhanu Kapil

    Rider, Bhanu Kapil. Schizophrene. Callicoon, NY: Nightboat, 2011. Print.
  • Incubation: A space for monsters - Bhanu Kapil

    Rider, Bhanu Kapil. Incubation: A Space for Monsters. New York: Leon Works, 2006. Print.
  • At the Bottom of the River - Jamaica Kincaid

    Kincaid, Jamaica. At the Bottom of the River. New York: Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1984. Print.
  • 2.5 Minute Ride - Lisa Kron

    Kron, Lisa. 2.5 Minute Ride; And, 101 Humiliating Stories. New York: Theatre Communications Group, 2001. Print.
  • Threads - Jill Magi

    Magi, Jill. Threads. New York: Futurepoem, 2007. Print
  • Jane: A Murder - Maggie Nelson

    Nelson, Maggie. Jane: A Murder. Brooklyn, NY: Soft Skull, 2005. Print.
  • Bluets - Maggie Nelson

  • Don’t let me be lonely - Claudia Rankine

    Rankine, Claudia. Don't Let Me Be Lonely. Penguin, 2017. Print.
  • Citizen - Claudia Rankine

    Rankine, Claudia. Citizen: An American Lyric. UK: Penguin, 2015. Print.
  • The Investigation - Peter Weiss

    Weiss, Peter. The Investigation. M. Boyars. Print.